The Series: Shadow Tales

This tale of otherworldly creatures maintains an impressive energy throughout, with an ending that makes reading Book 3 a virtual necessity.

Kirkus Reviews

“Once Natalie’s town is turned upside down and Toby comes in to reign the mess back in the action never stops.”

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The Author: James Drummond

James was born in Arlington Heights, IL and graduated from DePauw University with a bachelor's degree in English writing. A lifelong fan of supernatural action-adventure stories, he's attempting to put a new spin on familiar folklore with his Shadow Tales series. Today James lives in Chicago with his wife Angela and two former shelter cats named Suzette and Snowball. During the day he is a Senior Instructional Designer for an e-learning development company. Wojtek Batko designs the covers for James' books.


“The twist on how the creature gets out of its curse to exact revenge on the native population was so clever I was greatly impressed. I had never seen a writer do something like that before and it made me excited to see where the story went.”
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“This book is awesome!  I am absolutely a fan of this series of books.  I cant wait for the next one!  
​The characters are well written.  The paranormal aspect is great! I am so excited to see what this series holds in store for the next book.  I was left with so many questions at the end of this book that I can't wait to get the answers to.”  

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“Everyone’s engaged in battle by the final act, with a gripping dilemma to close the book: Toby does something drastic that makes him not much better than the fiends he’s been staking.​​

Kirkus Reviews

Rich characterization and sharp writing turn just another werewolf tale into something special.

Kirkus Reviews

“It had a touch of romance , masterfully mixed in with the horror that made this short read quite enjoyable. I liked the overall story arc especially the twists that come into play as you near the conclusion.”

Readers Klub

“It was a nice change to read a book where the werewolves are not romanticized and they are treated as the monsters that they should be.”

Vicarious Caytastrophe

“James Drummond did a good job creating a paranormal world that is highly entertaining. I can't wait to read more of his works.”

Hyper Ashley Book Reviews

“Another thrilling read from Mr. Drummond. Loved the non-stop action, breathtaking fight scenes, incredible monsters and most especially, Toby the hunter! Can’t wait to read more!”

Coffeeholic Bookworm

“A wonderful read that had me not wanting to put it down. I didn’t  want to miss what would happen next!”

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